Blog 3 – BKSP National Academy

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Blog 3 – BKSP National Academy

Many Thanks for logging on and checking out ACE Cricket Academy, I am talking to Ishma Tanjim from Dhaka Bangladesh, -National Player Bangladesh


1.     When did you start playing cricket and where?

I have started my cricket career on 2012.

2.     What are your favorite things about playing cricket?

My favourite thing about cricket is doing batting 🏏 is because i am a batsman

3.     What is the best part about competing?

The best part about competing is winning🏆

4.     How do your teammates make practice fun and engaging?

We mostly cheer up ourselves in the practice seasons to make our practice more enjoyable and engaging.

5.     Who is your favorite overseas player?

My favourite overseas woman cricketer is Alyssa Healy.

6.     What are your personal goals for 2021?

My personal goal for 2021 is to get into the National Team.


7.     How can ACE Cricket help you prepare for 2021?

Ace cricket can help me by suggesting some good quality practice which can help me to develop my skill.

8.     What’s you cricket dream?

My cricket dream is to become the best batsman in the world 🌎

9.     What training and Matches do you have coming up, and what do you need to do for National Selection?

We have a series coming up next month, and i have to work very hard for it.


10.What is your favorite song to listen to prior to competing?

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