Blog 1 – The Opening Ceremony

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Blog 1 – The Opening Ceremony


2020 has been a tough year for Bali and Bali Cricket, lack of funding and PON Games being postponed, how can cricket help people in Bali and stay positive during these hard times.


Many Thanks for logging on and checking out ACE Cricket Academy, I am talking to the Young Bali, and International all-rounder Gede Darma Arta,


1.     When did you start playing cricket and where?                                  

    My first started playing cricket when I was 8 years old in Denpasar


2.     What are your favorite things about playing cricket?                      

    My favorite cricket part is getting a wicket or scoring 50s


3.     What is the best part about competing?                                                

     The best part for me is when I can prove to everyone that I can be the best, and respect each other.


4.     How do your teammates make practice fun and engaging?               

    I have very solid teammates and usually they will support each other like giving appreciation when doing something good


5.     Who is your favorite overseas player?                                                       

     Ben stokes


6.     What are your personal goals for 2021?                                                 

    My goal in 2021 is to become a better person, healthier and able to contribute to the development of cricket, especially in Bali, and traveling around the world


7.     What’s you cricket dream?                                                                            

    Play professional cricket in other countries like play in BBL or IPL, dreams is free so dream big


8.     What is your favorite song to listen to prior to competing?

    My favorite song is two step from hell.. You have to listen sir and that will make u on fire.


9.     How can ACE Cricket help you prepare for your next tournament?

     ACE cricket very helpful in the training process, especially when you want to prepare for a match, and also very helpful in our daily lives


10. Can Indonesia win the EAP Group World cup stage in Japan in October 2021?                                                                                                              

     Very possible when all players get careful preparation such as intense training, good nutrition and a coach who knows all the players well                            




At ACE Cricket Academy we wish you all a great 2021





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