Andy in Australia Andy in Australia

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Andy in Australia Andy in Australia

Coach Andy has been busy during his trip back to Australia. He went to visit Intersport in Bunbury to purchase some much needed Cricket equipment for the Women, for their planned trip to Vanuatu, to participate in the EAP Women’s T20 International Cricket World Cup Qualifier, in May.

Intersport in Bunbury are supporting Cricket in Indonesia, by providing Coach Andy with discounted Cricket equipment that is not available in Indonesia.  The equipment he has managed to obtain so far is, 4 sets of Cricket Boots, 6 bats (as he noticed in Thailand that the bats the girls were using were too heavy) 3 sets of Thigh Guards and a new Kit Bag.

We hope Andy does not have to pay for Excess Baggage on his return flight to Bali.

Intersport Bunbury, supporting Cricket in Indonesia

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