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Andy Cottam Education – Cricket Academy

Andy Cottam has been a player at both Somerset and Derbyshire County Cricket Clubs (England under 19’s), and is now able to bring top class cricket coaching and life style programs to benefit children around the world. Andy is able to provide elite cricket Academy programs in schools and clubs with an approach which will enhance player’s enjoyment of the game.

Andy has experience of playing at top level and a qualified High Performance cricket coach, he also has an excellent approach to his work with youngsters which enables them to have fun and enjoy learning new skills.

At Ace Cricket Academy our aim is to produce better, more confident players that are also role models in the public eye as great people, we have a holistic approach into all our programs which helps our players both in education and work places to be as successful as possible.

Introducing Our Website Manager and Development coach

Ace Cricket Academy employs English, Australian and Indonesian people to develop this website and has plans to build an indoor facility for practice.

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Many thanks for sponsoring ACE cricket academy. Your donation will provide a great cricket experience for local players. and help us provide a career pathway for all those involved.


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